September 23, 2014
8:59 am
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10/1/13 Stupid News

      A New Jersey man found a way to start a cat fight with his local city council - by spreading cans of kitty chow around the members' yards in order to draw packs of feral felines. Harry Heck said that he got to feeling a little frisky after he and his neighbors couldn't convince officials that there was a problem with stray cats - so he decided to take matters into his own hands by luring them to their homes instead of his. Heck, who had previously complained about another townie feeding the critters on his property, pleaded guilty to littering and was ordered to pay a $250 fine.

      There've been plenty of stories about smart-alecks who've been able to use their heads to unlock new Apple phones, but an Oregon tech blogger has raised the bar - by unlocking his using his johnson. The uber-geek wrote that he wondered if it would be possible for him to replace the standard fingerprint sign-in for the new Touch ID system with a different body part, and quickly discovered that he could. He wrote. "Not only did I successfully register this private part with relative ease, I was also able to use it to unlock the device. I think you can understand why there isn't a video of this one."

      A Florida man tested the patience of authorities by pulling a carjacking of an ambulance - as it was in the middle of taking a man to the hospital. Brian Kada Jr. approached the emergency vehicle while it was stuck in traffic and pulled a gun, forcing the EMT inside to hit the road at which point he hopped in and changed directions, not realizing there was a patient in the back. Unfortunately for Kada, the ambulance broke down during a chase, leading him to attempt an escape on foot, which didn't work out all that well. The patient inside was unharmed and taken to the hospital by a different ambulance.

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