Entertainment News For Friday!

Yes, Magic Mike fanatics, that bearded man in glasses is Channing Tatum. The actor, who stars in the upcoming sequel to the 2012 hit about a troupe of male strippers, went undercover to surprise a lucky group of fans attending an advance screening of Magic Mike XXL. The epic prank video, a partnership with charity fundraising platform Omaze, kicks off with a makeup and costume team turning Tatum from the Sexiest Man Alive into a marketing representative tasked with tricking viewers into thinking he was questioning them about the movie. Magic Mike XXL hits theaters July 1st.

Singer Dave Matthews made a fan’s day by pulling her over while traffic was stopped. He noticed his band’s bumper sticker on the woman’s car as she was in gridlock in front of his hotel. The fan says she heard a tap on her window and realized who it was. Without hesitation, she pulled over and Matthews gladly posed for a photo. He then asked her to point him in the direction of a good bar. It isn’t the first time Matthews has doen this. In 2013, he was riding his bicycle when he got a flat tire. A couple discovered him stranded on the side of the road and gave him a ride to the show. As a reward, Matthews had them join him for dinner, gave them backstage passes and moved them to the front row for the show.

Food Network chef Bobby Flay was outed as a cheater during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Tuesday, when a banner proclaiming the celeb as such appeared as he received his honor. Flay is in the midst of a messy divorce from former “Law and Order: SVU” star Stephanie March, who branded Flay a cheater in their divorce papers. Just as Flay’s star was announced, the small plane appeared, pulling a banner behind it saying, “cheater.” A visibly shaken Flay continued with the awards ceremony as if the plane was not overhead. Was March behind the stunt? Her attorney said, “Stephanie is absolutely not behind this.”