Entertainment News For Tuesday!

Jennifer Lopez performed a televised concert in Morocco, and is receiving backlash following her show because of her outfits, which some feel were just too revealing for some viewers. While many people never complain when JLo is shaking her thang, her suggestive dance moves and her barely-there outfits caused outrage among several politicians. They have taken action after being completely shocked by Lopez’s sex appeal. Calling the performance a “a breach of public decency,” a lawsuit has been filed against JLo. Lopez has performed in Morocco before, but this particular concert was televised, and that is why it was such an issue.

A new album? A new video? Pregnancy? Those were some of the things fans might have guessed Beyonce had in store for her appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America Monday morning after she posted a teaser on Sunday evening about an big announcement she was set to make. But it turns out she just wanted to promote her new vegan delivery program. Beyonce changed her diet back in 2013 after taking the “22-Day Vegan Challenge” from nutritionist Marco Borges, and the two teamed up earlier this year to start a new service that offers non-GMO, organic, gluten and dairy free meals.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt boarded an Air France flight with their six children, but did not fly first class. They ended up sitting with the non-famous folk. The family seemed to fit right in, doing all the normal things that people do when they board airplanes — like get their kids in their respective seats, and putting their carry-on items in the overhead compartments. People Magazine says, “The family affair kicked off back in Los Angeles, when the clan of eight was seen waiting for a flight out of LAX, headed to the French capital. Once they arrived in Paris, the kids held onto each other as they followed their parents’ lead through the airport to their connecting flight.”