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by Aricka Mccauley posted May 14 2012 8:21AM
I would not be caught dead wearing this bathing suit on the beach! What do you think of this "cowgirlish" look?
by Aricka Mccauley posted May 12 2012 1:04PM
I think her hair looks SUPER! cute :) What do you think of her new look?
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by Aricka Mccauley posted Apr 20 2012 7:22PM
It's called "Hot Problems" and it's the newest video to drive people ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

Singing? Terrible
Video quality? Ehhh
Content? Worse than Rebecca Black's Friday?!  (Oh yeah, I went there!)

Two girls, reminding us of how hard it is to be hot:
Hot girls, we have problems too.  We’re just like you . . . except we’re hot.”  Catchy lyrics.
Annoyed?  Just wait until you see the video...

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People : Rebecca Black
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