April 1, 2015
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April 2014 Answers

April 30 - About 1 in every 3 wives, wish their husbands would do this more often... What is it?     Hold their hand

April 29 - It takes women about 20 seconds longer to do this, than men... What is it?     Parallel park

April 28 - Only about 15% of working adults are able to do this, on a regular basis... What is it?     Wake up without an alarm

April 25 - Americans spend 500 million dollars a year on this... What is it?     Gum

April 23 - On average, it takes about 35 minutes to do this at work... What is it?     Read and reply to an email

April 22 - Collectiviely, Americans spend 55 billion dollars a year on this... What is it?     Their pets

April 21 - Nearly 25% of American families had this on the table yesterday at Easter dinner... What is it?     An Easter Bunny (Bunny shaped candies, or decorations)

April 18 - A survey of happy couples stated that they remained happy by doing this 3 times a month... What is it?     Argue

April 16 - If you mess this up today, most likely it'll be after 4pm... What is it?     Your diet

April 15 - More of these happen on Friday than any other day of the week... What are they?     Pregnancy conceptions

April 14 - On average, men do this task 25 seconds faster than women... What is it?     Change a diaper

April 11 - It takes the average woman 12 minutes to do this. It takes the average man 18... What is it?     Eat

April 9 - Nearly 33% of people regret this life long decision... What is it?     Going to college

April 8 - When you're between 25 and 35, you're naturally the best at doing this... What is it?     Math

April 7 - Nearly 50% of men admit to doing this when home alone... What is it?     Trying on women's clothing

April 4 - It takes, on average, 11 minutes to do this... What is it?     The dishes

April 2 - Nearly 75% of people admit to doing this, on a work computer... What is it?     Plan their vacation

April 1 - The average person does this just twice a day... What is it?     Tie their shoes
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