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Can't Believe It Took 7 Years For This To Happen

by Aricka Mccauley posted Feb 15 2012 7:29PM
With a restaurant named the Heart Attack Grill, it's incredible to think that since opening in 2005, no heart attacks have been reported... until NOW.  Waitresses or "nurses" write up orders or "perscriptions" of their customers or "patients".

For food, you can order a Single, Double, Triple, or even a Quadruple Bypass Burger (the largest being a 32 ounce chunk of beef @ about 8,000 calories as seen above.  What?  4 layers of beef but only 2 of bacon!? - What a joke!).  While you're there, you can also enjoy some Flatline Fries and insanely sugary drinks.  As if that wasn't enough, any customer over 350lbs EATS FREE!

Fortunately, the man who had the heart attack survived... but in this case, you can't say they didn't warn you.

Who's hungry?
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02/15/2012 7:29PM
Can't Believe It Took 7 Years For This To Happen
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