November 28, 2014
8:22 pm
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December 2013 Answers

December 31 - The average couple will do this 4 times tonight... What is it?     Kiss

December 30 - For 9% of the country, this is their New Year's resolution... What is it?     Spend more time with family

December 27 - This is the #1 cause of the majority of holiday arguments... What is it?     Board games

December 23 - The average guy owns four of these... What are they?     Sweaters

December 20 - A study found that kids who do this everyday, weigh less than other kids... What is it?     Go to bed earlier

December 18 - The odds of a successful marriage increase if you have at least one of these... What are they?     Siblings

December 17 - The average person does this 8 times a day... What is it?     Drinks something

December 16 - The average adult has 28 of these... What are they?     Teeth

December 13 - Men are more afraid of this, compared to women... What is it?     Going to the dentist

December 11 - If you're trying to lose weight, you should start doing this... What is it?     Lift weights

December 10 - The average person gets 6 more of these during the holidays... What are they?     Pounds

December 9 - The average person should know how to do this if they want to increase their income... What is it?     Play golf

December 6 - For every 100 people in America, there are 436 of these... What are they?     Automobiles

December 4 - Odds are, you've already done this 3 times today... What is it?     Been outside

December 3 - A new study says 36% of people have done this to themselves... What is it?     Surgery

December 2 - Almost a third of Americans don't know how to do this... What is it?     Swim
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