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Do It For Cher?

by Aricka Mccauley posted Oct 5 2011 9:21PM
With the elimination of a Kristin Cavallari from Dancing With The Stars, it is clear (again) that the show isn't about dance talent - but that IS part of the draw.  Perhaps Cher had something to do with the results?  Chaz Bono promised viewers that Cher would be in the audience if they voted him through to next week.

That would be a huge deal... in 1990Who cares if Cher is in the audience of a TV show?  It seems that a lot of people are more excited than I am about it, seeing as Chaz made it through another week... somehow.

Sad to see Kristin go.  I've got either Nancy Grace or Chaz to go home next week.  What do you think?
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10/05/2011 9:21PM
Do It For Cher?
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10/05/2011 9:48PM
In case you all are not realizing...this is a learning competition...the more you learn the better you get, and if they think that Chaz is staying on only because his mom is coming, think again...he is a star just by showing up to the bigotry he has encounter!!! YOU GO CHAZ...and I do LOVE his mom!!! She is the greatest entertainer of my decade:))
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