October 21, 2014
9:58 am
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

        Reverend Dave Roberts, who's been Miley Cyrus's pastor since she moved to L.A. for Hannah Montana in 2005, says he's been peppered with nasty messages since she decided to spice up her image. He says, "We’ve gotten hate mail, because that’s how people are. My thought on that is it’s easy to criticize until you’ve lived in the pressure of it. They write to me and say, ‘You should have taught her better.’ It’s silly. I usually write them back to say, ‘You’re talking about a young girl -- maybe your prayer and support would be more valuable then your critique."

      According to sources, Justin Bieber recently dropped into a Houston gentleman's club called V-Live for some stimulation, and ended up stimulating the local economy to the tune of 10 grand. Diamond, the dancer who spent the most time with the Bieb, says, "I walked away with $7000, and a few other girls split the rest. He grabbed my butt and asked me if it was real. He smiled when I said yes." Though some of Justin's clubbing has drawn scrutiny, this visit was kosher -- V-Live is an 18-and-over place that doesn't serve any alcohol because local laws say strip clubs can't sell the hard stuff.

      Guy Fieri got into a knock-down, drag-out fight- with his hairdresser. It all went down on Saturday after a flight to San Francisco International. Video obtained by TMZ shows Guy and Ariel Ramirez going at it through the open door of an SUV. There are punches, kicks and a bunch of swear words. Eventually, Guy's manager got between them and put Ramirez into a cab. Apparently the two of them had been drinking on the flight, and the scuffle was pretty much about nothing. Guy's rep says they've kissed and made up.

     Lindsay Lohan may not have learned her lesson after all -- according to reports that she's returned to her hard-partying ways. Sources say that LiLo has been on a tear lately, spending three wild nights on the town in the past 10 days. While her reps insist Linds is clean and sober despite photos of her apparently reaching for alcoholic beverages, witnesses say otherwise. They count two blow-outs in the Big Apple and one in L.A.  One source said, "She was definitely drinking alcohol. She got increasingly sloppy as the hours went on. At one point, Lindsay was literally hanging onto a couple of her friends, like they were holding her up."

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