January 26, 2015
9:28 am
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

   An autopsy performed on actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has proved inconclusive. One day after the star died from an apparent drug overdose at his New York City apartment, coroners examined his body. Initial tests were unable to indicate the exact cause of Hoffman's death, so officials at the city medical examiner's office are expected to conduct additional toxicology and tissue tests. Last year, Hoffman went to rehab for substance abuse issues after being sober for more than 20 years. On Tuesday night, police arrested four people in connection with his death after they reportedly supplied Hoffman with drugs.      

     Shakira has come under fire from a politician in her native Colombia for putting out possibly the hottest music video ever. Rihanna, who duets with the hip-shaking singer on her latest single, "Can't Remember to Forget You," also stars in the video for the song, and the two singers get pretty steamy while rolling around together in some sexy lingerie. Politician Marco Fidel Ramirez has called on Colombia's National Television Authority to ban the video from airplay on the country's networks. Neither star has responded to Ramirez's comments.

      Katy Perry and boyfriend John Mayer made it rain in a strip club Sunday night following the Super Bowl. The two were spotted at Santa Barbara, California club after watching the big game, and the couple spent thousands of dollars on tips for the dancers and even on lap dances. Katy even posed for photos with some of the dancers. Katy and John are no strangers to the club, they visited the one in Las Vegas in September 2012. A source says,  "They were together in a group. As for whether they got dances, they were in a strip club ... you do the math."

      The pilot of the chartered jet that took Justin Bieber and his entourage from Canada to New Jersey last week had to warn the singer and the rest of the passengers to stop smoking weed during the flight, according to the results of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation. The official report says that the captain of the plane "warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana." His father was also on the plane, and the report also says that they were very rude to the flight attendant -- something the captain also warned them about. The plane was raided by DEA officials upon landing in Jersey.

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