January 26, 2015
9:57 am
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

      Mattel, the company that produces the iconic Barbie Doll, and Sports Illustrated announced yesterday that the 55-year-old doll will appear in a four-page spread in the issue in outfits inspired by SI cover girls of the past. Celebrating "The Doll That Started It All," the inside feature was shot by long-time SI photographer Walter Iooss Jr. and features 22 of the dolls. Barbie won't appear on the actual cover, but she will feature on a cover wrap that comes with 1,000 copies. A limited edition Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue version of the doll will be sold at Target.

     News anchor Sam Rubin has released an apology after he confused Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne. Rubin said in a statement he may have been referencing a Captain America: Winter Soldier commercial from the big game, which features Jackson as Nick Fury, but he still owns up to his mistake. He writes, "We start right now with the beauty and the occasional pain of live television. First and foremost, I do know who Samuel L. Jackson is. I’ve interviewed him several times over the years, but never quite like the conversation we just had."

      After completing her world tour in London, singer Taylor Swift celebrated by cutting off her signature blonde locks. Swift posted a pic on Instagram with the caption: "London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don't care." Swift also uploaded a video showing a large group of friends around her, waiting for her new look. The singer joked, "This is how many people are watching me get a hair cut right now. We don't do anything without an audience, do we?"  Swift's hair now just brushes the tops of her shoulders.

      Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" has gotten a major do over by rapper Buck 22. Over 20 years after the original tune hit airways, "Achy Breaky 2" includes country and hip-hop samples but keeps the iconic chorus in tact. The single also references Cyrus' daughter Miley and her infamous "twerking." The music video dropped on Tuesday and features Cyrus and Buck 22 abducted by scantily clad aliens dancing around a spaceship.
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