July 4, 2015
8:53 am
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

    A man was arrested in Massachusetts searching for Katy Perry on the Kennedy family compound. James LaCroix told police that he was looking for the singer and deceased President John F. Kennedy. He was found out because Ted Kennedy Jr. called his home to see how his young son was doing, only for the man to answer the phone. Ted called the cops, who found LaCroix lounging on a couch reading a book. Kennedy's son was in the same room but was unharmed; he believed the man was a family friend. There was no reasoning from the man, who was wearing a Captain America t-shirt and camouflage shorts at the time of his arrest, as to why he associated Katy Perry with the Kennedy family.

      Charlie Sheen recently was filmed on what appears to be a cell phone at a Taco Bell drive-through. The video was taken through a car, and it shows Sheen coming up to the driver and apologizing for being under the influence. In the video he says, "I'm sorry, I'm so effing hammered."  The driver, Jayden, tells Sheen he's with a woman named Tamara, who's a "big fan." Sheen then asks the couple if they are in a fight. Jayden asks about the actor's tattoos, and Sheen pulls his shirt to one side to show them off.

      Comedian Seth MacFarlane is being sued by a California production company for allegedly ripping off the idea for his hit comedy Ted from them. Video company Bengal Mangle Productions filed suit against MacFarlane and Universal Studios, claiming that they came up with the idea of a vulgar talking Teddy Bear, which "Ted" was blatantly based upon, first. The suit claims that "Ted" is a stuffed bear that lives in "a human, adult world with all human friends," which is very similar too its own "Charlie The Abusive Teddy Bear" series. In their defense, their Charlie character first appeared in 2009 in an Acting School Academy video online and had a surge of views in 2012 after "Ted" was released in theaters.

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