September 23, 2014
8:19 am
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

        After Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Gray movie, word has it that Dakota Johnson is also feeling the mounting pressure. A source says, "Dakota is having a very hard time dealing with all the press. When she first got the role, it was way too much for her." The source said that Dakota went from a virtual unknown to someone "everyone wants a piece of." Though the official reason given for Charlie's departure was that his busy TV schedule wasn't giving him time to prepare for the role of Christian Grey, insiders believe it was because the star was uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting.

     Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made a career for themselves by being fake -- and now they're taking that idea further with a fake reality show. The couple are pushing something called SpeidiShow, which they say is their attempt to re-invent reality television. Spencer explains, "SpeidiShow is just as real as people's image of us. People have tried little Twitter tricks, but this is bigger. It's a whole interactive world -- the show, the backstory, the on- and off-screen drama -- made out of a a huge online collaborative improv game." The fake show even has a website that includes fake recaps of fake episodes.

      Lamar Odom and his father Joe appear to be burying the hatchet. You may recall that the two had a major falling out when Joe talked to the media, calling Khloe Kardashian an "evil witch" and blaming the whole clan for Lamar's crack addiction. Lamar cut off Joe's rent -- which he'd been paying for years -- and then allegedly fired some comments off on Twitter, though his camp later denied those were his. But now Joe and Lamar have been photographed walking together in Venice, California, and Lamar has reportedly been spending a lot of time at Joe's pad in nearby Marina del Rey.

      Sandra Bullock has been wowing audiences with her latest movie, Gravity -- and now she's wowing the Internet with her rapping. The actress went on a British talk show to promote her space disaster flick and somehow ended up performing the '70s classic "Rapper's Delight." She said she learned the Sugarhill Gang hit to woo a boy in high school. "And sadly it worked," she added. The video has gone viral, if you wish to view it and get hardcore.

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