April 20, 2014
3:31 pm
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

    The wheels of justice in the beatdown of Paris Hilton's brother have ground to a halt. Officials have shelved the investigation because Barron Hilton is not cooperating. Earlier this month, one of Lindsay Lohan's friends, Ray LeMoine, allegedly rearranged Barron's face at a party in Miami. Barron says Lindsay ordered the assault, but Ray says the rich kid was the troublemaker. Barron filed a police report, but has not met with police, and hasn't even answered the phone. The Florida State Attorney's Office says it will only re-open the case if Barron -- who is on vacation in Hawaii -- cooperates.

      Charlie Sheen’s Christmas is getting off to a rocky start. He went on Twitter  to blast his ex-wife Denise Richards, alleging she's keeping him from seeing his daughters. Charlie called Denise a "heartless, ugly hag" and linked her with a controversial Duck Dynasty star. Sheen joked that "Denise and Phil Robertson should get married. Then he can practice the bestiality he hates!" Then he concluded, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had." Denise responded by tweeting, "U done ranting? Keep it classy, dude. Our kids don't need to be privy to this, U are welcome 2 spend xmas w/us Hope u still come."

     Kate Winslet has given her baby son a wild name. According to London's Sun, she's calling him Bear Winslet. Kate gave birth to her first child with new husband Ned Rocknroll in England on December 7th. A source says, "They are all doing so well, they both absolutely adore him -- and the name Bear." He is Kate's third child, joining 13-year-old daughter Mia Honey and nine-year-old son Joe Alfie. Kate is not the first celeb to use the name. Not too long ago, Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu.

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