January 30, 2015
8:36 pm
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

     When Jimmy Fallon gets his hands on The Tonight Show next week, he'll have an incredible set of celebrities and musicians to greet him. Jimmy's first guest on Monday will be Will Smith and U2. He'll follow that up with Jerry Seinfeld, Kristen Wiig, and Lady Gaga on Tuesday. Wednesday will have Bradley Cooper and Tim McGraw. Thursday he'll welcome First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and Arcade Fire. Friday's show ought to be something special, as his guest will be constant collaborator Justin Timberlake.

      Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan was arrested this morning after his car crashed into a DOT vehicle on a highway in California. A  driver called the California Highway Patrol to tell them a Mercedes was "weaving all over the roadway at slow speeds." Soon after, Kattan apparently swerved into a freeway closure and hit a Department of Transportation vehicle. There was no one inside the vehicle at the time of the accident and Kattan was not injured. Sources say Kattan was booked for driving under the influence of drugs, not alcohol.

     Justin Bieber reportedly reached a top speed of 136 MPH before he was arrested for drag racing, according to GPS data. Justin's rented Lamborghini was clocked at 108 MPH and 136 MPG.   The pop star is also dealing with a second legal bombshell today, as prosecutors have reportedly obtained surveillance video proving Bieber was at the site of the egging incident that caused over $20,000 in damages. There are also two eyewitnesses, including a girl who called 911 while the egging was occurring.

     Samuel L. Jackson busted a news anchor after he confused the actor for Laurence Fishburne. Jackson was promoting his upcoming film RoboCop when he was congratulated for his popular Super Bowl commercial. The problem is Jackson didn't appear in a commercial during the big game.  "What Super Bowl commercial?" Asked Jackson, which led to the anchor getting flustered as he looked at the people off camera. The actor then said, "See, you're as crazy as the people on Twitter. I'm not Laurence Fishburne!" As the anchor tried to apologize, Jackson continued, "We don't all look alike! Busted!"

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