January 27, 2015
4:45 pm
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

    Justin Bieber is planning a move to Atlanta, Georgia, and has been shopping for mansions in pal Usher's neighborhood. He has reportedly found a potential home and is close to plopping down $11 million on a seven-bedroom estate. He is selling his California home after several incidents with neighbors, including driving at high speeds and threatening a neighbor. He also allegedly egged one neighbor's home, causing over $20,000 worth of damage. The case is currently under investigation. Bieber is also going by the name Bizzle now as he looks to make a transition from pop to hip-hop music.     

      Mariah Carey struggled through her performance at the recent BET Honors ceremony as her dress broke while she was on stage. Part of her performance involved singing on top of a piano, and Carey admits she struggled to keep her dress from falling down as the straps broke when she reclined. She says, "I was worried when I laid on the piano. Right before the lights went on me, I heard 'Pop! Pop! Pop!' The supposedly see-through wires broke. Nobody saw anything, and it was by the grace of God that I got through the performance."

     Paris Hilton marked her 33rd birthday on Monday by throwing a huge party in Los Angeles. She marked her milestone in a bash at the Greystone Manor nightspot in L.A. on Saturday night, even playing a DJ set during the bash. She was presented with a pink and gold tiered cake topped with her picture and she documented her party in a series of posts on her Twitter.com page. Hilton shared photos of her friends enjoying the fun and pictures of her pink-themed 'Barbie' outfit, writing, "So much fun celebrating my birthday... with my girls... Such an amazing birthday party! Incredible memories."

      Lady Gaga was given a nasty shock while filming her new music video when she was reportedly bitten by an animal on the set.  The trainer on the set reportedly provided a slow loris, a baby kangaroo and an exotic goat, but none of the creatures were used in the shoot after Gaga was bitten. The singer was nipped by the slow loris as she handled the animal. A source says, "The slow loris is the cutest creature on the planet, and Lady Gaga wanted to use it in one scene, but it nipped her. They put it back in its box and took it away in disgrace. Gaga just laughed about it. She was a good sport."
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