February 26, 2015
8:15 pm
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

    A Utah teen was arrested for trespassing after he snuck into Miley Cyrus' dressing room back stage on her "Bangerz Tour" last Thursday night and left her a note. 18-year-old Tucker Salvesen was jailed after he got a hold of a VIP all-access pass and used it to gain access to her private backstage area. Salvesen then left his noter, saying, "I snuck back here I need to meet you. You have helped me so much your music has given me all the answers I was looking for when my heart got broke... we went through the same thing @ the same time... Miley I love you!!!." Salvesen was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.     

      They're not even married yet and Kim Kardashian is already sticking it to fiance Kanye West in the financial department. Kim and Kanye are reportedly on the verge of signing a prenuptial agreement that would see Kim paid $1 million for every year she's married to Kanye for up to 10 years. Kim would also get to keep the couple's home and any money she makes from her family's E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It will be Kanye's first marriage, while Kim was previously married to NBA player Kris Humphries and music producer Damon Thomas prior to that.

      Justin Bieber, who was questioned by lawyers earlier this month in relation to a photographer assault case, got so frustrated by the line of questioning that he hurled a foul-mouthed remark at a female court worker.  After mumbling "Yes," Bieber freaks out when a female worker politely asks him, "I'm really sorry to keep asking you this but can you please speak up?" He responds, "I think 'Yes' and 'No' are effing pretty, pretty different." Bieber's attorney placed his hand on the singer's arm in an attempt to calm him down, and the legal parties agreed to give Bieber a short break from questioning. The video clip is posted on TMZ.com.

     It's the 20th anniversary of the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", but Kevin learned to love it. In 1994 a group of college students found that Kevin had an extraordinary amount of stars attached to him and had the chance to introduce him to the game in 1995. He says, "I thought it was a joke at my expense. I thought somebody was trying to pick the biggest loser they could find and joke about the fact I could be connected to Laurence Olivier in two steps."  After a few years of the game growing in popularity, Bacon became a fan and named his charity organization in its honor: SixDegrees.org.

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