December 17, 2014
11:43 pm
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

      Cover your ears -- Lindsay Lohan is ready to relaunch her singing career! Sources say that LiLo, who tried to make inroads in the music biz before her last downward spiral, is looking to get into the world of electronic dance music. That's a dangerous choice, given the genre's association with drug culture. A source tells the site that Linds was in a New York studio over the weekend belting out a tune called "Confessions of a Broken Heart" -- a recording intended to help her snag a record deal. She's allegedly got some powerful friends in her corner this time -- including Lady Gaga.
     What do you do for an encore when you've just gone on record praising Adolf Hitler? If you're Tila Tequila, you release a sex tape. According to TMZ, Vivid entertainment is about to put out Tila's second video. But unlike the first one, this one is with a guy, and according to the gossip site, it's "very hardcore." There's no word on whether Tila has signed off on the video, but Vivid isn't in the practice of taking risks on unauthorized releases, so you do the math.

     Justin Bieber wants everyone to see his new movie, Believe, but he's working just as hard to make sure no one lays eyes on another film -- of his testimony in a lawsuit against him. The Bieb is due to deliver a videotaped deposition defending himself against an Argentinian photographer who says that Justin's goons assaulted him to stop him from taking pictures -- a beatdown that was caught on tape and posted to YouTube. Bieber's lawyers have issued an official request to keep the tape under lock and key, because his testimony could be damaging to his reputation.

     Charlie Sheen is giving ex Denise Richards a lump of coal this Christmas -- by slashing her child support payments in a big way. He is ticked off at Denise for interfering with his visitation rights, so he's planning to ask a judge to cut the $55,000 a month payments he's been giving her. The site reports that Charlie and Denise agreed on that amount privately, without court intervention, so things could get interesting. In addition to getting his child support reduced, Sheen wants the judge to put in writing his right to see his kids on specific holidays.

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