August 22, 2014
2:21 pm
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

   Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will reunite at the Grammy Awards this weekend. The iconic former Beatles are scheduled to perform at the 56th annual event on Sunday, Jan. 26 in Los Angeles. McCartney's song "Cut Me Some Slack" has been nominated for "Best Rock Song," while Starr's "Live Kisses" DVD is up for "Best Music Film." Starr said: "To celebrate the 50 years since we landed in New York in February 1964, they are putting on a big show on Monday and we will be doing it there." Starr and McCartney are also collaborating on a one-off show that will be filmed on Jan. 27 at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

      Justin Bieber dropped quite a few bucks while visiting a strip club in Miami on Monday night. According to TMZ, he celeb rated his rapper pal Lil Scrappy's 30th birthday at King Of Diamonds and spent a small fortune. A rep from the strip club made a series of posts on Twitter, including: "iSpy Justin Bieber live in the KOD!... Justin Bieber just ordered 75k ones." A club spokesman confirmed the singer spent $75,000 during his visit.

      The teenager who was the target of Kanye West’s alleged assault wants over one hundred thousand dollars to settle the case without pressing criminal charges. A source says the teen’s legal team approached Kanye’s people and offered an out if he didn’t want to go to court - to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. The source also claims the young man doesn’t want to go to public trial due to the reports he hurled vicious racial attacks at Kim Kardashian.

      Miley Cyrus has apparently confused unplugged with undressed. She has posed topless for an ad promoting her upcoming "MTV Unplugged" performance. She also wore a set of fake buck teeth and a blonde wig in the shot. Miley posted the image on her twitter page Monday night with the message, "@MTV PRESENTS MILEY CYRUS: MTV UNPLUGGED YALL check it out January 29th!" Miley will reportedly tone down her racy image a bit for the performance, when she'll perform stripped-down acoustic versions of her biggest hits for the MTV crowd.
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