December 26, 2014
9:24 pm
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

     The sexy model who rode shotgun in the yellow Lamborghini Justin Bieber was driving last week when he was pulled over and charged with drag racing and a DUI has spoken out about reports that she's trying to sell her side of the story to the media, saying they're just not true. Chantel Jeffries has spent the last few days with Bieber on the beaches of Panama, and several reports yesterday claim that the model is trying to sell her story to any news agency or tabloid that will listen. But a rep for Jeffries says that the stories aren't true and that they had "received multiple appearance requests for Chantel," and none involved any form of payment.     

    Motley Crue has announced that they'll be hitting the road one last time. The band held a press yesterday, billed as "RIP: All Bad Things Must Come To An End," prompting speculation that they would give it one more go-round before officially calling it quits. The four members of the band signed legal papers to put an official end to the group and to keep it from potentially continuing on Last fall, drummer Tommy Lee revealed that the band was planning a farewell tour because of guitarist Mick Mars' health issues. Alice Cooper will join the band to open all shows on the 72-date tour.

      Justin Bieber will be arraigned in court on Valentine's Day for his recent arrest for driving under the influence. Last week, the pop star was detained by police on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired licence. During the court hearing, prosecutors will file formal charges and Bieber will enter a plea - either in person or via his attorney. Bieber's record label boss Lucian Grainge, head of Universal Music Group, has voiced his concerns about the pop star. Bieber's response? After being released on bail, he flew to Panama with friends for a sun-soaked vacation.

      Miley Cyrus is set to perform with Madonna. She has roped in the pop veteran to duet with her on her upcoming MTV 'Unplugged' special.  Miley has compared herself to Madonna in the past and believes they share the same love of controversy and risk-taking. She says, "That just becomes a standard, where it's just like, 'Oh, that's her thing.' So, I feel like now that I did the VMAs, that just kind of became a standard for me, and then any time I do anything else, they're like, 'Miley kept it tame tonight.' "

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