June 30, 2015
4:38 pm
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

       How does Selena Gomez feel about on/again, off/again boyfriend Justin Bieber posting a raunchy selfie online as well as a picture of himself cuddling two women. The singer uploaded a shot of in which he held the camera by his crotch, showing off his bare chest. He captioned it "Night." In another photo the pop star is lying in the middle of two women who have their arms and legs wrapped around him. One of the ladies is Chantel Jeffries, who was photographed next to Bieber in a Lamborghini earlier this year prior to arrest in Miami for driving under the influence.  A source told E! News that Bieber and Jeffries are "just friends" and that he and Gomez are still an item.

      Robin Williams, who has spent decades battling addiction problems, has entered rehab again. The actor checked into the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota to maintain his sobriety. His rep told TMZ: "After working back-to-back projects, Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment, of which he remains extremely proud." Williams last went to rehab in 2006 for alcoholism. He was addicted to cocaine in the 70s and 80s. The actor most recently starred in the CBS series "The Crazy Ones" opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar. Earlier this year it was annouced he would be reprising his cross-dressing role from the 1993 hit comedy "Mrs. Doubtfire."

      Robin Thicke and VH1 had the brilliant idea of holding an interview with all of the users on Twitter. What could possibly go wrong? Within moments of VH1 promoting their tweet, users pounced to ask Thicke about the perceived sexist themes of his song Blurred Lines and the music video attached to it featuring nude women, and it just got worse from there. Robin wrote, "I'm a big boy. I can handle it," when it was mentioned by one user how brutal some of the questions were. And just like that, Thicke retreated back his own Twitter - although the #AskThicke hashtag continues to barrel along like a runaway train, full of haters trying to get a dig in at Thicke while the diggin's good.
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