January 30, 2015
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February 2014 Answers

February 28 - The average person does this inappropriate thing 15 times a day... What is it?     Swears

February 26 - The average house dog does this 6 times a day... What is it?     Gets excited

February 25 - Wives say this is the toughest thing to get their husbands to do... What is it?     Show emotion

February 24 - 60% of people have done this to an ex... What is it?     Un-friend them on Facebook

February 21 - Nearly 15% of men admit to doing this before a big meeting... What is it?     Having a beer

February 19 - Women are better at completing this 'life goal' than men... What is it?     Keeping a best friend

February 18 - Doing this will make you healthier by reducing your stress... What is it?     Singing

February 17 - If you're an average adult, you'll buy 15 of these this year... What are they?     Bottles of wine

February 14 - The average working adult spends $800 a year doing this... What is it?     Eating lunch out

February 12 - More than 65 varieties of this product are released each year... What is the product?     Toothpaste

February 11 - The average American eats 25 pounds of this a year... What is it?     Cheese

February 10 - The average duration of one of these lasts 4.5 years... What is it?     A friendship

February 7 - It's estimated that married people do this twice as much as single people... What is it?     Apologize

February 5 - On average, these get cleaned every 110 days... What are they?     Refrigerators

February 4 - On average, it takes 10 minutes to do this daily task... What is it? Getting dressed and undressed

February 3 - 1 in 5 people have done this to a complete stranger, without them knowing about it... What is it?     Took their picture
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