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Finally! A Mute Button For People

by Aricka Mccauley posted Mar 6 2012 8:50PM
I'm betting you've done this:  You point the TV remote at someone who won't stop talking, pretending to turn their volume down.  Sadly, it never seemed to work.
WELL... thanks to Japanese researchers, muting someone is now possible!  When you talk, your brain hears your voice at the same time as you're saying something.  When you point this "silence gun" at someone, it essentially records their words and plays them back .2 seconds later.  It doesn't sound like a big deal AT ALL, but it totally shuts down the human brain, rendering the person speechless.

If you could get a silence gun, would you?  What's the most that you would pay for it?  I'd pay a lot of money for this little gadget!
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03/06/2012 8:50PM
Finally! A Mute Button For People
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