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For Sale: Doomsday Shelter In Kansas

by Aricka Mccauley posted Apr 9 2012 7:02PM
People are getting SERIOUS about preparing for the end of the world, whether it be from solar flares, nuclear attack, viral pandemics, or just the whole 2012 theory.  If this is you - it could be time to buy your Doomsday Shelter.

A man in Kansas is building a number of fallout shelters in an abandoned missle silo - for a pretty steep price.

They're luxury condos located 174 feet below the Kansas prairie featuring concrete walls 9 feet thick, designed to withstand a nuclear blast.  The going rate, at this point, is $2 million for a floor of this underground silo.

Current owners are even enjoying them as vacation homes!  (Must be nice)  If you had the cash, would you buy one of these... JUST TO BE SAFE?

I think the whole idea sounds really stupid, but in reality, if I had the money, I'd probably be guilty of grabbing one.
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Location : Kansas
04/09/2012 7:02PM
For Sale: Doomsday Shelter In Kansas
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