July 30, 2015
9:08 pm
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Impossible Trivia

November 12 - A recent survey found that nearly 65% of women didn't trust their husbands to do this... What is it?     Work on their vehicles

November 11 - 60% of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 don't have one of these... What is it?     A credit card

November 10 - According to a study, talking about this subject is likely to annoy your co-workers... What is it?     Sex

October 31 - About 35% of people say they won't do this alone... What is it?     Watch a scary movie

October 29 - About 30% of women say they won't marry a man with this... What is it?     A bad credit score

October 28 - In 1974, 75% of Americans were capable of doing this... In 2014, only 20% are... What is it?     Drive a stick shift

September 30 - The more you do this, the more people seem to like you... What is it?     Ask questions

September 29 - The average person spends seven and a half days a year doing this... What is it?     Shopping

September 26 - Nearly 25% of Americans will do this, this weekend... What is it?     Argue

August 29 - This was cited as the 14th most popular cause of divorce in the U.S... What is it?     Issues with pets

August 27 - 3 out of 4 couples say that this is an important part to their relationship success... What is it?     Splitting up household chores

August 26 - It takes 5 seconds to do this now. 25 years ago, it took 10 seconds... What is it?     Place a phone call
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