December 28, 2014
3:56 pm
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January 2014 Answers

January 31 - It takes women almost twice as long to do this, compared to men... What is it?     Order food

January 29 - On average, it takes 10 minutes to do this everyday activity... What is it?     Shower

January 28 - The average woman thinks about this 45 times a day... What is it?     Their partner/relationship

January 27 - Every year 24,000 kids go to the emergency room from injuries caused by these... What are they?   Shopping carts

January 24 - Nearly 75% of women like it when their significant other does this, but only about 15% of men like doing it... What is it?     Kissing in public

January 22 - Roughly 10% of American households have one of these... What are they?     A storage unit

January 21 - The average length of a marriage is 11 and a half years, but the average length of a woman's relationship with this person is 12 years... Who is it?     Her hair stylist

January 20 - The average American woman has 10 of these... What are they?     Pounds they want to lose

January 17 - Men commit this driving infraction three times as much as women... What is it?     Littering while driving

January 15 - If you're under 18, there's a 90% chance that you've never touched one of these... What is it?     Postage Stamp

January 14 - The average person has $55 worth of these... What are they?     Coins

January 13 - The average adult spends an hour and a half a week, doing this... What is it?     Laundry

January 9 - There's a 35% chance that you and your significant other will do this, this weekend... What is it?     Go shopping

January 8 - It's estimated that 23% of the population owns a pair of these... What are they?     Prescription sunglasses

January 7 - The average woman does this 8 times a day. The average man does this 7 times a day... What is it?     Go 'number 1'

January 6 - Americans eat three times as much of this, compared to 30 years ago... What is it?     Cheese

January 3 - 40% of American men couldn't tell you this about their significant other... What is it?     Their shoe size
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