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Living On An Island With No Rules

by Aricka Mccauley posted Aug 16 2011 9:32PM
I'm convinced that when people have too much money, they come up with the wildest things to buy, or create, in this case. 

A billionaire wants to BUILD floating islands in international waters, where they'd be free from laws and other government regulations.  Probably good timing since the Congress approval rating is through the floor.

The plan is to launch a small "office park" island off the coast of San Francisco next year to test the concept. 

Sounds intriguing and kind of scary at the same time... Would you live on an island with no rules?
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08/16/2011 9:32PM
Living On An Island With No Rules
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06/12/2012 1:33PM
i'd live on an island with no ruler
Every society has some sort of norms or rules, even an island in international waters. The question is whether they'll have a ruler or rulers who get to make their own rules at the expense of the rest of us, which is the situation in the US of A and other nations.
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