March 3, 2015
3:37 pm
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March 2014 Answers

March 31 - Men are 75% more likely to do this, while watching sports, than women... What is it?     Get mad, or angry

March 28 - Nearly one third of women are secretely disappointed by this, when it comes to marriage... What is it?     They way they're proposed to

March 26 - The number of high school students that do this has decreased by 15% over the last 5 years... What is it?     Drive

March 25 - The average person deals with this technological annoyance three times a week... What is it?     A frozen computer

March 24 - Nearly 50% of women say they'd rather go to the dentist, than do this... What is it?     Spend time with their mother-in-law

March 21 - Men use this spot as a hiding place for cash... Where is it?     The glove box, in their vehicle

March 19 - 80% of Americans do this every night at dinner... What is it?     Sit in the same spot

March 18 - 15% of people admit to losing their cell phone, in this location in their home... Where is it?     Laundry basket

March 17 - On average, it takes 12 minutes to do this... What is it?     Take a shower

March 14 - 7% of Americans have this irrational fear... What is it?     Afraid of tall people

March 11 - Married couples are more likely to argue about this, in the morning, than any other time of the day... What is it?     The kids

March 10 - Doing this non-physical activity durns 170 calories... What is it?     Watching a scary movie

March 7 - Roughly 10% of American households do not own this very common item... What is it?     A car

March 5 - In a survey, this was the #1 answer for "What do you wish you could write off on your taxes"...What is it?     Coffee

March 4 - The average person thinks about this 25 times a day... What is it?     What they're going to do tomorrow

March 3 - Sales of this drink have fallen 40% since 1990... What is it?     Orange Juice
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