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Mother-In-Law Fighting Words

by Aricka Mccauley posted Aug 15 2011 10:56PM
Some mother-in-laws have a unique way of making their son's wife uncomfortable.  My favorite line, "Are you feeding my son? He doesn't look healthy."  It's a double sucker-punch: first an insult on your cooking THEN on your ability to take care of your husband (isn't he a grown man, anyway?)

See the full Yahoo! article here.  What does your M-I-L say to you that drives you crazy?
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08/15/2011 10:56PM
Mother-In-Law Fighting Words
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08/15/2011 11:32PM
Used to be a sweetheart.
My M-I-L introduced us. Almost like she choose me to marry her son. We have been together for 6 years and he truly is my best friend and love of my life. So when she needed somewhere to live we moved and she came with us. That's when the mightmare began. She constantly critized my ability to care for my children. Mainly the oldest 2 that are from a previous relationship. So after a year and a half of her living with us, she moves out and leaves us high and dry on our bills and everything. Needless to say she was none to happy when my husband sided with me. But you know after all we have been thru I know he will always be there for me no matter what and i'll do the same for him. Now we are getting our life and marriage back together and we are happier. So are the kids.
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