October 25, 2014
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November 2013 Answers

November 29 - Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year. What day is?     The Saturday before Christmas

November 26 - 42% of men say they do this on Thanksgiving... What is it?     Prepare the turkey

November 25 - Men buy roughly one-third of this cosmetic product... What is it?     Anti-stretch mark cream

November 22 - People with higher IQs tend to do this more, than the general public... What is it?     Dream

November 20 - The average women has three of these. The average man has one. What are they?     Sources of income

November 19 - The average adult male can do this 28 times in a row, without stopping... What is it?     Jumping in place

November 18 - Experts suggest doing this when the power goes out... What is it?     Exercise

November 15 -
Today, the average 65 year old has 17 of these... What are they?     Teeth

November 13 - This was the number one answer, when people were asked what they couldn't live without... What is it?     The internet

November 12 - The starting hourly wage is $12 for this job... What is it? (Hint: people start doing this at 13 or 14)     Babysitting

November 11 - Nearly 95% of American workers will get this perk, this year... What is it?     Thanksgiving Day off

November 7 - The average American family will do this at least 3 times this weekend... What is it?     Go somewhere
November 6 - A study found that kids who do this everyday, weigh less than other kids... What is it?     Go to bed earlier

November 5 - 20 years ago, doing this was socially un-acceptable. Now, it's the norm... What is it?     A woman asking a man out

November 4 - What's the most popular nickname people give their car?     Honey

November 1 - At least 15% of these will never get used... What are they?     Gift cards
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