September 22, 2014
11:15 pm
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October 2013 Answers

October 30 - Only 1 in 4 women have one of these in their home... What is it?     An Apron

October 29 - Experts recommend doing this in the morning. It's good for your weight. What is it?     Going for a walk

October 28 - If you got one of these this year, it cost you roughly $4,200... What is it?     A kitten

October 25 - One out of four people in a relationship, wish they could change this about their significant other... What is it?     Their laugh

October 23 - The average person will do this a dozen times today... What is it?     Think about food
October 22 - It's estimated that 80% of us do this every night at dinner... What is it?     Sit in the same place

October 21 - Americans are expected to consume 80 billion of these, this year... What are they?     Eggs

October 18 - More than funerals, or movies, doing this, has the ability to make a man cry... What is it?     Reading a book

October 16 - Doing this at least once a day is good for you physically and mentally... What is it?     Taking a walk

October 15 - The older you get, the easier it is to do this... What is it?     Be honest with yourself

October 14 - In the average workplace, you'll find more germs on this, than the toliet seat handle... What is it?     The coffee pot

October 11 - The average woman has 12 of these, but really only uses 6 of them... What are they?     Bras

October 9 - When school started this year, the average mom spent about $130 on this... What is it?     Herself

October 8 - Nearly 40% of dating women say they would end a relationship for this reason... What is it?     They don't like the same music

October 7 - Each year, more than 25,000 people are seriously injured by this... What is it?     Exercise Equipment

October 4 - Nearly two-thirds of all big lottery winners do this... What is it?     Get a divorce

October 2 - 34% of the working population is wearing this color today... What is it?     Black

October 1 - People that work 7 days a week, generally have this trait in common... What is it?     They are cheap

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