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Stiletto Ice Skates? An Apple (The Fruit) Carrying Case?

by Aricka Mccauley posted Dec 29 2011 8:38PM
Leave it to the major fashion designers to come up with some of these crazy items:
(Photo by Vassilis Makris, via ABCNews.com)

The Umbrella Raincoat
for people who value being dry over looking good

(Photos courtesy of Glamour)

DSquared2 Skate Moss Stiletto Ice Skates ($1485-$1895!!): Uncomfortable and probably a danger to yourself & others

(courtesy of Sagz Jeans)

Sagz Jeans (about $100): Attach the buttons on the boxers to the jeans to create your own, personalized level of sag - without the risk of losing your pants

The Hermes Apple Purse ($365)
: Carry your apple in style, if you can still afford apples after buying this

I kind of think the jeans are a good idea - if you must sag your pants.  Any other weird fashions come out this year that made you scratch your head in confusion?

See more wild accessories on Yahoo!
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12/29/2011 8:38PM
Stiletto Ice Skates? An Apple Carrying Case?
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