December 27, 2014
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Stupid News for 1/24/14

    A British motorist accused of soaking a group of schoolchildren and their parents by driving through a puddle is facing a careless driving charge. Essex police said an officer witnessed the car in front of him drive quickly through a puddle, splashing a group of young children and their parents on their way to the nearby St. George's Junior School. Police Constable Mark Hercules, the officer who witnessed the splashing and pulled over the driver said,  "His actions caused distress to the young children. In addition, I pointed out the hidden hazards that lie in large puddles and the fact he could have lost control of his vehicle and caused a danger to other road users." The driver could be issued a court summons or he might be ordered to undergo a driver improvement course.

      Police in Pennsylvania said a suspect was arrested after he spotted his own wanted picture on Facebook and shared it on his page. Investigators were having difficulty locating Anthony Lescowitch Jr. who was wanted on charges including aggravated assault, so they posted his picture on the official police Facebook account. Investigators said they were surprised when Lescowitch shared the picture on his own page 3 minutes after it had been posted by the police department. Lescowitch used the picture to mock police in his post. An officer posed as a woman on Facebook and struck up a conversation with the suspect about his wanted picture. Officer T.J. Rentschler , posing as the woman, arranged to meet the suspect at an undisclosed location and Lescowitch was arrested by officers when he arrived at the agreed-upon place.

      A California grandmother who went with a friend to a concert at a restaurant said she was shocked to find "Old Ladies" printed at the top of her bill. The woman said she and a friend won tickets to the concert at the Bull Shed Bar and Grill in Bakersfield and they discovered their bill for the food they ordered at the show had been labeled "Old Ladies."  A picture of the bill posted on Facebook garnered numerous comments supportive of the women and critical of their server. Angel Gonzales, owner of the restaurant, said the server had only been working for a few weeks and was likely overwhelmed that night.  Gonzales said he personally apologized to the woman.

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