September 23, 2014
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Stupid News for 10/18/13

        A Georgia man wended up behind bars after running into the glass exterior of his local Taco Bell four times in one evening. Cops responding to the sound of screeching tires and a screeching woman found Armando Lupercio pulling his truck away from a tree he'd crashed into, and driving straight into the side of the restaurant. As the officer watched from his cruiser, the 19-year-old drove around the building and slammed into it again, then backed up to give it a third whack. After watching a fourth collision, the officer got out of his car and drew his weapon to coax Lupercio out - only to have him stagger over drunkenly and insist the gas pedal was to blame. He was booked on a number of charges, including DUI, criminal damage and aggravated assault.

      A Michigan woman had to admit she wasn't using her noodle when she appeared in court to enter a guilty plea - in a case where she tried to rob a bank with a "bomb" that was actually just two cans of spaghetti sauce. Ophelia Neal walked into the branch and told a teller to hand over all the cash in her till because she had an explosive device hidden in her purse. The clerk, who was jarred by the request, did as told and passed an undisclosed amount of dough to Neal, who fled in a car driven by an accomplice. Cops caught up with the vehicle a short time later and nabbed Neal, discovering that the only explosion her device could have caused would be a gas attack. She's due for sentencing next month.

        A Florida man who was all fired up about decorating for Halloween ended up having too hot a time when he set himself on fire putting together his outdoor display. The man thought that having a burning cross as the centerpiece of his holiday decor would kindle some enthusiasm around his neighborhood. But when he decided to use some gasoline to throw some light on the matter, he ended up getting his shirt and his torso engulfed in flames. He was taken to the hospital with second degree burns and some evidence that he'd gotten into the holiday spirit in another way - with enough booze to make him legally intoxicated.
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