September 15, 2014
6:28 am
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Stupid News for 10/3/13

       An Ohio man is probably feeling pretty deflated after being found guilty of public indecency for his habit of repeatedly pleasuring himself with neighbors' blow-up pool floats. Edwin Tobergta was busted back in June, after he stepped out his back door stark naked and got the urge to merge with the inflatable device. Oddly enough, the 35-year-old was hauled in on an almost identical charge two years back, when witnesses called cops after seeing him climb on top of a raft with his pants around his ankles.

     A Florida cop has been suspended without pay for subjecting a woman to an unusual shakedown by demanding that she shake out her bra in front of him. Officer Dustin Fetz pulled over a car driven by Zoe Brugger because it had one headlight burned out, and decided to search the vehicle for contraband. When he didn't find any, he patted Brugger down, then told her to pull her bra cups forward and shake them to prove there were no drugs hidden inside. She did as told, then Fetz ordered her to repeat the shake-up a second time - prompting her to file a complaint. A review board found no criminal wrong-doing on the officers part, but did forward his apology, in which he admitted to being “overzealous."

      A Florida man got into hot water after assaulting a fellow patron at his local laundromat -- because the other guy was about to use "his" dryer. Ken Woods stained his reputation by shoving his elderly victim to the ground and delivering several kicks to his torso - then smashing the man's cell phone as he tried to call 911 for help. After arm-and-hammering the phone, Woods took off, thinking he'd be able to make a clean getaway, but several witnesses called Crime Stoppers to turn him in. He now faces charges of battery on a person 65 years of age or older and property damage.

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