September 21, 2014
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Stupid News for 10/9/13

        A California man got two life sentences in one day, courtesy of a judge who sentenced him to spend the rest of his days behind bars, then immediately performed a wedding ceremony in which he promised to spend those days hitched to his girlfriend. Judge Patricia Cookson threw the book at Danne Desbrow, slapping him with a sentence of 53 years to life for a 2003 murder - during a much publicized trial that drew the attention of Destiny Winters, who he dated during high school. They reconnected as witnesses presented evidence of his heinous crime, and she accepted his proposal two weeks later. After consigning Desbrow to the big house, Judge Cookson helped him to take his vows to love, honor and obey his bride - and served up a cake she'd made herself to celebrate the big day.

     Two Canadian men were slapped with hefty fines when they cut loose and tried to ride a moose - in violation of animal-abuse laws in their area. The men were spotted circling the moose as it was swimming in a rural Ontario lake and preventing it from getting to the shore. The critter, which found itself on the horns of a dilemma, appeared to be in distress, so a witness called wildlife conservation officials to report the incident - which was caught on a videotape that showed one of the guys jumping onto its back from his speedboat. Moose are strictly protected in most Canadian provinces, so the men were fined $2,500 and had their boat impounded until payment was made.
      A Florida woman wound up behind bars this past week after demonstrating two different ways of not being able to hold her liquor - by passing out in her car after peeing her pants badly enough that she had to remove them before nodding off. Karen Worley Drake was discovered by a patrolman who saw her Hyundai pulled onto the shoulder of a busy road with the lights off. He peered inside and saw her slumped over, accompanied by her dog, and tapped on the window until she awoke - naked from the waist down. Drake initially denied having anything to drink, but eventually admitted to downing two shots of "fireball whiskey." The arresting officer also spotted an empty box of wine on the seat next to her.

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