October 22, 2014
12:01 pm
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Stupid News for 11/11/13

    A Florida man was arrested after he tried to force a neighbor boy to eat potato chips from a bag he was holding. A witness called cops to the scene of a disturbance, and when they arrived, they saw Julio Alvarez chasing the eight-year-old while holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand and the chips in the other. When Alvarez spotted the deputies, he blew a kiss and shouted "I love you" at them before trying to escape. Alvarez, who was described as highly agitated, was subdued and charged with kidnapping, resisting with violence, battery on a police officer and violating open container laws.

      In England, eight cans of beer saved a man’s life as he was stranded in freezing cold waters. The coast guard had to be called in to rescue two men that had drunkenly stripped off their clothes and jumped into the sea late at night. One was rescued by a life preserver, but the other lost consciousness as he floated away with the tide. After 45 minutes in the cold water, the second man was dragged in - and was still breathing. Paramedics say that the eight beers this guy drank before jumping in prolonged his survival by slowing his body’s reaction to the cold.

      A California man who thought he'd found a real cash cow ended up branded a criminal-  for trying to re-sell two spotted cow costumes he swiped from local Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Robert Trytten thought he could sell the outfits for $350 apiece via ads he placed on Craigslist, but store management had already alerted cops to the thefts, so an undercover officer set up a sting operation. When Trytten met the deputy and plucked the two costumes from his car trunk, he was handcuffed and taken to the pen on charges of theft and possessing stolen property. The costumes, by the way, were actually valued at nearly three grand a pop ... not exactly chicken feed.
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