November 27, 2014
8:25 am
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Stupid News for 11/29/13

   A Florida man who was on trial for drug trafficking lost his freedom because he wore a shirt decorated with a cartoon depicting a recipe for making crack! Christopher Patterson was nabbed for allegedly trying to sell painkillers to an undercover cop, who then administered some pain by slapping handcuffs onto the 27-year-old and hauling him in for booking. Patterson made a bold fashion choice for his first hearing, donning a sweatshirt covered in drawings of baking soda, spoons, an open flame, and a stockpot - and having a zipper pull shaped like a handgun. He ended up pleading no contest to the charges, and is eligible for release in early 2016.

      A British postal worker didn't chicken out when asked to go above and beyond the call of duty -- by catching a pet chicken that had escaped from an enclosure on his route. Leanne Preston came home from work and found a post-it note tacked to her front door, but instead of alerting her to a missed package, it told her that one of her chickens was missing – but safe where the mail carrier had taken it for safe keeping. The note from the unnamed delivery worker reads: "Saw your chicken escape through the hedge to the side of the building and go into 4B's garage." The good egg went on to check the proper boxes on the delivery form, noting that "the item was too large" to be delivered through the mail slot.

      An elderly woman in Belgium continued to sleep next to her dead husband's decomposing body ... for a year. Apparently the husband, 79-year-old Marcel H., died last November. His wife was so distraught that she didn't report the death - and continued to sleep in the bed with her husband's mummified body. Authorities only found out what was going on because the landlord reported the couple for being a year behind on the rent. None of their neighbors noticed anything out of the ordinary ... not even the smell.

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