December 21, 2014
11:59 pm
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Stupid News for 12/30/13

    Portland police officers used a sandwich to stop a naked man from jumping off the ledge of a parking structure. According to the Portland Police Bureau, on Saturday morning officers found a naked man who appeared to be experiencing a behavioral health crisis, was cutting himself with a knife and threatening to jump off the ledge. After the man informed officers he was hungry, they obtained a sandwich from a nearby hotel and used it to move the man away from the ledge. Officers were then able to take the man into custody. He is currently being evaluated medically at an area hospital. Investigators say criminal charges related to vandalism to vehicles in the parking structure may be forthcoming.

      Social services has taken away a British mother's two boys after she placed an ad to sell one on the free classified website, Gumtree. The young mom,  who placed her 4-month-old boy for sale on the Internet as a "joke" has had the child taken into care by authorities. The 20-year-old had placed the child on Gumtree for nearly $250,000. But police were alerted by scores of concerned people who spotted the ad on the free classified site similar to Craigslist. Officers tracked down the woman and took the baby and his 2-year-old brother into care.

      A Toronto woman who dines and dashes out on men she considers less than dashing will soon have her own reality TV show. Actress Erin Wotherspoon gained notoriety in November after her Tumblr blog, A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters, caught the eye of media.  Wotherspoon was chastised after allegedly duping men into first dates in exchange for a free dinner at high-end restaurants and then blogging about the experience to the point of receiving death threats. However, that has led to several television pitches -- including this deal from Los Angeles film company Relativity Media ­-- and even a New York book offer. She says, "Right now, it's being referred in the contract as the unscripted Erin Wotherspoon series. The concept is taking place in America, and I would go all over America and try different restaurants."

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