January 27, 2015
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Stupid News for 2/18/14

    Students at a college on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe are being advised not to feed bears, pet them or "spank" them on the butt. Some Sierra Nevada College students in Incline said students on campus have made it a game to "spank" the animals on the rear and other students have been known to pet and feed the bears on campus. Ron Stiller, a resident, said his new group, Bear Smart Tahoe, is aimed at preventing bears from becoming socialized and accustomed to humans. He said the group will encourage people to keep their garbage and bird feeders safe from bears while avoiding direct contact with the animals. Nevada wildlife officials said 14 bears in thE area were captured and relocated in October alone, while several others dubbed dangerous were killed.

      Police in Massachusetts said a man allegedly used a snow shovel to attack a business owner who was blowing snow onto his car. William Kaouette looked out from the window of his apartment Monday and spotted a business owner using a snow blower in a nearby parking lot. Kaouette shouted out the window at the man that snow was being blown onto his car and rushed outside with a shovel. Kaouette told the man he wanted to help him remove snow, but then attacked the business owner with his shovel. The victim declined medical treatment at the scene. Kaouette was arrested and is scheduled to be arraigned today.

     A Texas detective was arrested and charged with assault last month after he allegedly kicked a co-worker in the back, hit him on the head with a notebook, and then farted in his face. Dispatcher Donald Varner alleges that Lago Vista police detective Lawrence Jonap kicked him in the back, causing him to lunge forward in pain. After turning around and seeing Jonap laughing, Varner reported the incident to his superiors. The next day, Varner was sitting at his desk when Jonap struck him over the head with a notebook, flicked him on the ear, and then farted in Varner’s face Jonap has claimed that he only nudged Varner. He is charged with assault with injury and is facing up to a year in jail and a fine up to $4,000.

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