January 29, 2015
9:36 am
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Stupid News for 2/3/14

      Police in Florida said they discovered a marijuana growing operation in an unused swimming pool with an access tunnel leading to a house. Miami-Dade police said Valexy Quintero Consuegra, Marley Torres Denis, and Eddy Pelaez Ramirez, were growing 82 marijuana plants in the pool behind a home. Police said the men had covered the pool with a slab of concrete and used a tunnel to get from the pool to the house, which was in foreclosure. Investigators said they discovered the setup when police stopped a vehicle occupied by the two men just outside the house and detected the strong odor of marijuana.

     After reports surfaced that he forced junior officers eat 15 burgers, 15 doughnuts and four cups of instant fried noodles in one sitting, an unidentified Japanese police sergeant has reportedly resigned from his position. The traffic sergeant was forcing his subordinates to eat in an effort to “toughen them up.” In addition to the food, the sergeant also allegedly forced the four younger officers to guzzle three to four liters of coffee-flavored milk. According to sources, the sergeant was worried that his officers weren’t working efficiently because of physical weakness. The force-feeding sessions reportedly happened on at least 10 occasions between early 2010 and the end of last year. In addition to being forced to eat, the subordinate officers were also responsible for paying for their own food.

     Philadelphia police are on the lookout for a man who attempted to rob a Hallmark store using a card with the handwritten message "Give me all the money or I will kill you" scrawled inside. The unlucky cashier who received the card then “called another employee and informed him what had just happened when the suspect grabbed the demand note and fled the store without obtaining any money. The police department has released surveillance video footage of the Jan. 27 robbery.

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