January 31, 2015
7:23 am
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Stupid News for 2/5/14

     Authorities said police responding to a report of screaming at a home in Maine discovered the sound was made by an amorous pig. A resident called authorities and reported screaming that sounded like it might be a case of domestic violence at a neighboring home on the other side of some woods. Four troopers responded to the home and spoke to a resident, who stated her male pig was screaming because he was in a pen with five other female pigs in heat. Police determined there was no disturbance in the case "other than the screaming male pig."

     A Long Beach, California, man whose mayoral campaign billboard depicts City Council members nearly nude said the ad is a message about fiscal transparency. Steve Mozena said the doctored photo depicting the seven men and two women of the City Council nearly nude is not meant to be obscene, but rather a message about transparency for taxpayer funds with the caption "Get buck naked. " Long Beach City Council member Suja Lowenthal said she was not amused by the billboard depicting her nearly nude, adding, "When you're asking someone to vote for you and these are the messages that you put out. I think that we are going in the wrong direction." She said the advertisement is in poor taste.
      A Florida resident said he thinks a monkey photographed in his neighborhood might have been behind a pair of car break-ins. Corey Beckman said he spotted the monkey a couple weeks ago while relaxing at his home and soon came to suspect the primate of being behind two car break-ins the previous week. Beckman said the cars were ransacked, but nothing was taken. He says, "You'd think anybody breaking into a car wound find it nice seeing a GPS there an iPod but they just left it all sitting here. Maybe the monkey didn't like my music." The monkey hasn't caused any injuries and neighbors said they would like to see it relocated without being harmed.

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