April 26, 2015
7:37 am
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Stupid News for 5/6/15

    A Florida teen who posted a YouTube video of himself driving erratically was arrested and charged with crashing into multiple cars. Robert Kelley was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of a crash with injuries after posting the four-minute "Me driving like an idiot" clip online. It has since been removed from YouTube. Kelley reportedly filmed himself crashing into four vehicles and put five people, including himself, in the hospital. He was arrested on Friday after posting the video online on Tuesday. Kelly is facing charges of reckless driving and driving without a license, and police are looking at the video to decide whether to charge Kelley with intentional battery with a vehicle.

      A Florida man hasn’t been accused of taking cookies from the cookie jar -- he’s been charged with stealing the whole thing. Edmund Allen was arrested by deputies and charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing a jar containing $400 that belonged to a local Girl Scouts troop. Allen allegedly swiped the jar while Girl Scouts at the grocery store were selling cookies.  nThe 22-year-old was identified and arrested two days later while he was smoking marijuana in a shed with another 22-year-old man. The suspect must have spent the money, because police say that it cannot be recovered. Local businesses and individuals, including Shoar, are donating money to help the Girl Scout troop recoup its losses.

      A Georgia man is facing eight charges, including DUI and reckless driving, after he allegedly handed a police officer a beer instead of his driver's license during a traffic stop early Saturday morning. Officer Alvin Rodriguez reportedly pulled Damon Tobias over after he struck the cop’s vehicle. When Rodriguez approached Exum’s vehicle and asked for his driver’s license, the heavily intoxicated suspect handed him a beer.  Tobias, who has been arrested for DUI in the past, was totally unaware that he had collided with the officer’s patrol car.

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