May 29, 2015
11:29 pm
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Stupid News for 6/9/14

       A Washington man was arrested for allegedly stealing $9,200 worth of clubs and other gear. The "golf addict" is accused of taking more than 50 clubs from the pro shop at Gold Mountain Golf Course. According to police, the man tried to sell some of the stolen gear online, leading to his arrest. The 26-year-old's apartment allegedly contained "golf paraphernalia, photos of himself playing golf and a hat reading "Born to Golf, Forced to Work" in addition to some of the stolen equipment. A police rep said, "Burglaries are often the result of addictions -- drugs, alcohol or gambling. I think this is the first one we have seen that looks like a golf addiction." The unemployed suspect has played golf at Gold Mountain at least eight times in the past year.

     A North Carolina man is facing multiple heroin trafficking charges after he was allegedly caught with numerous bags of heroin....crammed in his belly button. According to Greenville Police, their regional drug task force searched the vehicle he was driving during a traffic stop and found over 150 bags and $1,200. One of the occupants, Randall Streeter, allegedly had another 40 bags of heroin stashed in his navel. Streeter also allegedly had crack and Percocet pills lodged in himelf. The estimated value of the seized heroin is $6,800.

      An Illinois woman's desire for an alcoholic beverage got her tossed in the clink. Lidia Zuradzka has been accused of breaking into a stranger's home in Wheeling and demanding a beer. According to reports, Zuradzka entered the house through an unlocked door while the female homeowner was upstairs. The homeowner walked into her living room and allegedly saw Zuradzka holding a beer that had been left out on a table. When asked what she was doing, Zuradzka responded "I want beer." The homeowner screamed and Zuradzka left the residence. The 52-year-old has been charged with residential burglary charges.

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