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The Floatdown Is ON!!

by Aricka Mccauley posted Aug 18 2011 10:11PM
Although public officials don't seem to be excited about the upcoming Port Huron Float Down this Sunday, it is officially happening!
The US Coast Guard released a statement today saying that due to an event that is "highly discouraged due to numerous safety hazards and concerns," they will be shutting down the US side of the St. Clair River to boat traffic to make the Float Down a safe event again this year!

If you decide to go on the Float Down this year, get the lastest details at the Port Huron Float Down FB page.  Bring your lifejackets, and other safety equipment, and have a great time this Sunday.
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08/18/2011 10:11PM
The Floatdown Is ON!!
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08/18/2011 10:56PM
so is it not starting until 1 since that is when the coast guard is shutting down the lanes?
08/19/2013 2:07PM
2013 port huron float down
Our group of 17 had the best time yesterday, we plan on it again next year YEAH
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