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Things that SHOCKINGLY don't impress women!

by Rachael Gray posted Jun 29 2011 6:56AM
When the male species sees someone they'd like to impress, it's common for them to puff out their chest, show off their colorful tail, and even battle another creature to the death. But all that may not be necessary. Here are 7 things that definitely do not impress us ...

1. Playing the guitar -- If you really love music, great. If you're playing to impress girls, you're being lame.
2. Drinking way too much -- This is not impressive and we don't want to help you when you get sick.
3. Rarely wearing a shirt -- Yes, we like looking at your six-pack abs. But when your shirt is off ALL the time ... you look like a tool.
4. Lying -- If you make up huge lies to make yourself look good, trust us,you won't.
5. Wrestling other men -- You look ridiculous when you do this, and it isn't cute.
6. Acting like a jerk on purpose -- Yes, many girls love bad boys, but if you're just putting on a show, you will look insecure and it will not be attractive.
7. Bragging about how much you work out -- It's annoying to hear about it. We can see you have a nice body, so stop telling us.

Not Much impresses Shania Twain either...
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06/29/2011 6:56AM
Things that SHOCKINGLY don't impress women!
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