September 21, 2014
2:22 am
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

        Justin Bieber may or may not have been caught toking up again. TMZ posted a new photo yesterday that apparently shows Bieber with a joint and a lighter while seated next to someone resembling Ariana Grande. But sources later told the gossip blog the girl was not Ariana and the pic appeared to be doctored.  Miley Cyrus might know the real story, though. After the photo hit the Internet, she tweeted a pic of herself wearing a shirt bearing Bieber’s face and the words Reefer Fever. Justin was photographed last January holding what looked like a marijuana joint.
      Casey Kasem's kids are taking their fight with their stepmom to court. Kerri, Julie and Mike Kasem have filed legal papers to win a conservatorship, in order to seize control from their step-mom Jean. Jean -- who's been married to Casey for 32 years -- has blocked her step-children from seeing their dad, who's suffering from advanced Parkinson's. The trio reportedly gave Jean an ultimatum over the weekend -- let them see their dad or else they'd file the legal docs. Obviously, Jean didn't budge. A source says the kids' chances to get the conservatorship will be "next to impossible."

      Katherine Jackson believes her financially reckless son Jermaine is driving her to the poor house. According to sources, Jermaine spent more than $160,000 on a Ferrari in the middle of jury deliberations in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, perhaps thinking his mom would come into millions of bucks. But that didn't happen, and now Katherine is furious with her son because she recently bailed him out of debt. Plus, Katherine is supposedly complaining that she was talked into filing the wrongful death lawsuit by Jermaine and Randy, which she now regrets.

      Esquire magazine has just named its Sexiest Woman Alive for 2013, and she's a repeat winner -- Scarlett Johansson. ScarJo, who also received the honor seven years ago, is the first woman to top the list twice. Last year's Sexiest Woman Alive was Mila Kunis. Unfortunately for the guys, all that sexiness has gotten Scarlett off the market. She recently announced her engagement to former French journalist Romain Dauriac. She and her first husband, Ryan Reynolds, split up in 2010.

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