September 22, 2014
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Stupid News for 10/14/13

       A Washington woman learned the lesson that you can't have your cake and eat it too when she brought a birthday cake into a courthouse - only to have it attacked by a stranger. Michelle Flavin decided to bring her child's birthday cake into the courthouse with her - thinking that would be safer than leaving it in the car with her dog. Flavin passed her chocolate cake through the metal detector, and it was sitting on a table when Robert Fredrickson, who was due to appear in court on an indecent exposure charge, walked up and started grabbing handfuls of the cake. According to reports, after Frederickson ignored warnings to stop, he was tackled by a sheriff's deputy, sending cake and frosting everywhere. Fredrickson was arrested for investigation of third-degree theft. A local Safeway supermarket offered to replace the birthday cake for free.

      A Florida man gave cops grounds to arrest him after he poured a cup of hot coffee on a fellow convenience store customer - then stole a second cup to replace the one he wasted. Brian Daubs had parked his truck illegally, blocking three cars, when he went inside to get caffeinated. When he came out, a driver sitting in one of the blocked vehicles complained, and Daubs responded by opening his driver's side door and tossing the contents of his cup inside. He went inside for seconds and decided he was due a free refill, so he grabbed one and walked out - right into the waiting arms of an officer who cuffed him for aggravated battery, criminal mischief, retail theft, and resisting an officer.

      A Delaware woman really went out on a limb to escape from cops who'd pulled over her car - by jumping out and climbing a tree in order to make her getaway. A patrolman gave chase after noticing that Amy Meissner was driving a pickup truck bearing license plates that had been reported stolen from an SUV. She initially got away, but a witness spotted the vehicle parked in some bushes with its doors open, leading him to call authorities to investigate. Meissner climbed a tree and hopped onto the roof of a nearby building, where she was cornered and eventually came down – to be arrested and treated for two broken toes she suffered during the escapade.

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