October 23, 2014
3:10 am
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

       You watched her get engaged to Kris Humphries, and soon you'll be able to watch Kim Kardashian say "I do" to Kanye West. The shrinking violets didn't pass up the opportunity to film the rapper's over-the-top proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco. A source says multiple cameras were rolling during the extravaganza -- which included a 50-piece orchestra and a 15-carat diamond ring. Kanye has final approval over whether it goes on the family's reality show.
      Jermaine Jackson really could have used that cash settlement from AEG Live. Michael's big brother is facing imprisonment after stiffing his baby mama on child support payments. He is required to pay Alejandra Jackson $3000 a month for his two kids, but he hasn't done so for months. Of the $12,000 he reportedly owes in back payments, he's ponied up only $85. Now Child Support Services has filed papers asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt, which could land him behind bars for 20 days. Of course, Jermaine may be broke after plunking down $160,000 for that Ferrari last month.

     Melissa McCarthy insists there was no conspiracy to cover her body on the cover of Elle. The magazine recently came under fire after she appeared on its cover wearing an oversized coat, which many critics believed was used to hide plus-sized actress's physique. But she says it was her idea, saying,  "I grabbed the coat. I covered up. I had a great black dress on, but I thought, it comes out in November. I was so sick of summer. I live in Southern California. I was like, 'Give me a big coat to wear. Give the girl some cashmere!"

      The apocalypse is upon us, as another Jersey Shore star has procreated! Pauly D had a love child with a woman he hooked up with in Las Vegas last year, according to sources. The baby girl is a few months old and lives with mom -- where else? -- in Jersey. Pauly tells the gossip blog, "I'm proud I'm a father. I am excited to embark on this new part of my life." Snooki was the first of Jersey Shore crew to have a baby. Little Lorenzo turned one in August.
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