September 18, 2014
7:49 am
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Stupid News for 11/7/13

       Swedish motorists who were stuck in an hours long traffic jam last week finally have somewhere to pin the blame on ... a beaver who was working on a beaver dam! A tree fell across a busy highway near the town of Borensberg, blocking several lanes of traffic, and when cops went to the scene to investigate, they determined that it succumbed to natural causes – namely, the sharp teeth of a busy beaver. A clean-up crew was sent to haul away the obstruction, but police have decided not to pursue the toothy culprit. Police chief Frederik Kliman told local newsmen, "We're not going to be hunting the beaver today, we have other things to do."

      An Iowa man is facing charges after kicking his friend's butt because she threw away his butts - the tail ends of used cigarettes that he was saving to finish smoking at a later date. The man had collected a bag of discarded smokes from the street before going over to his female pal's house to hang out last week. The victim thought that the bag contained trash and tossed it away, causing the butt-head to flip out and break the woman's computer before trying to choke her. When the victim was talking to an emergency dispatcher, the suspect reportedly grabbed the phone away from her and threw it off the balcony. He fled the scene and is still at large.

      British cops responding to a 911 call marked by loud shrieking broke into an apartment after no one answered the door ... only to find the place empty, aside from a cat that dialed the number accidentally. The officers forced their way into James Cocksedge's apartment following the bizarre emergency call, fearing the worst, but all they found was the kitten, named Bruce, hiding behind a cabinet and meowing. After surveying the scene, they determined he dialed the dispatcher by walking across the phone's buttons. Cocksedge, who returned home to find his door knocked off its hinges, said, "Since we had the landline installed Bruce always rushes to answer the phone when it rings. He’s also fascinated by the buttons, which he loves to press."

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